The No-Spend Month: Week 3

An up and down week.

Addey Vaters
4 min readFeb 24, 2022


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Holiday weeks always throw me off. Don’t get me wrong — I was very grateful to have the 21st off work for President’s Day, but I am left floundering a little bit and taking longer than usual to get my head on straight this week (what day is it again?)

I am, accordingly, a little late with last week’s no-spend month update, but here we are. And here we go.

Last week — the week of February 14th-18th — was a bit of an up and down week. There were days I spent no money, and days I fell into my old online shopping ways. I still didn’t do too bad overall, though, and I’m here to share how the week went regardless.

February 14th

I started off the week with a grocery order, like usual. The nice thing about this week’s grocery order was that Instacart gave me a coupon, so I got $30 off of my week of groceries. Although it wasn’t something that I actively sought out, it was a nice way to kick off the week.

February 15th

On Tuesday I made a few purchases that, while necessary, weren’t urgent and weren’t quite in my budget for the month. Nevertheless, I needed a new cheese slicer and a drain stick to clean the hair out of my bathroom sink, so I found myself on Amazon perusing the saved items in my cart and finally submitting an order (note that I did not cave and move anything from my saved items into my actual cart — progress.)

February 16th

I would like to say that I broke my spending streak on Wednesday, but alas, I did not. I only bought dinner, though, so it was my cheapest day of the week so far.

February 17th

Carhartt was having a sale on their beanies. I couldn’t help it, I had to order two. Especially since I got a new winter coat last month that didn’t match with my old beanies.

February 18th

This was my first no-spend day of the week. I wish some of my earlier days were no-spend days, too, but what’s done is done.

February 19th

Oh, Pinterest. If only I hadn’t logged onto Pinterest on Saturday, but that was not the case. I ended up finding a…



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