The No-Spend Month: Week 2

It feels surprisingly good not spending money.

Addey Vaters
3 min readFeb 14, 2022
Photo by Andre Taissin on Unsplash

Week two of my no-spend month is in the books, and I’d call it a success. I’m going to start by breaking down each day of the last week, which included a lot less spending than a typical week would (progress, friends, progress.)

February 7th

I did make a purchase on Monday, but it was my grocery order for the week, so it counts under the category of necessities. One tip I’ve heard from others online who have done a no-spend month is that grocery ordering is your friend, and I have to say I agree. It’s a lot less tempting to purchase unnecessary groceries or venture into the non-grocery aisles at your closest store when you’re not even stepping foot inside. I purchased everything I needed for the week online for delivery, and that was that.

February 8th

The first of many days this week where I didn’t spend a since cent.

February 9th

Another no-spend day in week two of my no-spend month. I was on a roll!

February 10th

And here’s where the rolling stopped. I will say that my purchase this day was justified, but that doesn’t mean it was necessarily the right call. I ended up coming down with…



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