Addey Vaters

What makes up a person? Too many things to count, but here are some of those uncountable things.

I also like old buildings — make that number eleven?

Although I said in my subtitle that there are too many things that make up a person to count, I am going to count a few things here. That is, perhaps, the first thing about me: I am, at times, a walking contradiction.

The second thing, then, is that I…

Creating a space for yourself online can be overwhelming, but it’s necessary

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If you’re trying to make it as a freelancer, self-published author, or traditionally published author, there’s probably one thing you’ve heard about over and over again: building an author platform. The days of publishing a book with one of the big five (potentially dwindling down to the big four) publishers…

Or even a hundred dollars a month, like me

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As a former English major who’s somehow ended up in the financial aid field (another story for another day, perhaps), I’m constantly trying to practice my writing skills and break into the writing industry in a meaningful way. You might be thinking “Oh, how nice. She wants her writing to…

Fear is inevitable, but letting it control your life is not.

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Something I’ve heard my entire life is that the best things happen when you “get over” your fear. When I was younger and crying because I didn’t want to call the movie theater and ask about a show they were having (true story — I’ve never liked talking on the…

There’s a lot you can do to edit your book without hiring a professional editor

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So you’ve finally written that book you’ve been working on for what seems like your entire life. You’ve followed your outline precisely or, if you’re like me, pantsed your way through the entire book while sticking to your overall story arc. However you got there, you’re now done with your…

This isn’t one of those articles that will tell you to quit your full-time job, I promise

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As a writer who’s finally gotten into freelancing and is actually being paid for her writing (which, I must tell you, was much harder than all the articles on here would like to make you think), I’ve been learning how to balance my new clients with my full-time job. …

Poetry is not fiction, so don’t treat the two forms the same.

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I read a decent amount of poetry. My love for this creative form of writing started in high school and has only blossomed since my teenage years. In college, I studied classical literature extensively, finding certain poets to fall in love with and others who I believed were overrated (perhaps…

Addey Vaters

Writer, reader, cat lover, and tea drinker. Poetry editor & podcast host at borrowed solace. Words in Adroit Journal, Vita Brevis, & others.

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